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We are a Buddhist group which provides
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Our Last Day Retreat

We had most enjoyable day retreat with Steve Todd, looking at our attachment to Samsara. This was a wide ranging day retreat which invited us to look honestly at our addiction to worldly existence. The day encompassed the ‘Four Noble Truths’, the ‘Eight Worldly Dharmas’ and much more, exposing our self-deceptions and misunderstandings.

Day Retreat, Saturday 13 November with Karma Norbu

Tenzin PeljorKarma Norbu began his meditation practice in India in 1971. He spent most of his working life as a professional musician, travelling the world. He received ordination as a monk from Ringu Tulku Rinpoche during Bodhicharya Summercamp in Portugal in 2018.

“Mindfully Aware”
(Mindfulness from the time of the Buddha to today.)

The Four Applications of Mindfulness

Samsara is the world in which we find ourselves, a world that never quite delivers on its promises and has us always chasing rainbows and thirsting for oases.

Like high stakes gamblers, we keep betting on Samsara. We give the wheel of Samsara one more spin hoping after hope that this time we'll hit the jackpot - lasting happiness and contentment.

We build strategies based on the “eight worldly dharmas” that we think will somehow tip the odds in our favour. Strategies that get ever more convoluted and often bring their own particular pains.

Buddhist renunciation is like the gambler realising that they will never stop losing as long as they stay in the casino and continue spinning the wheel and that none of their strategies can possibly work in the long run. Buddhist practice is like following the route to the exit.

Still, it's easy to get distracted on the route to the exit and be tempted to maybe check out the VIP lounge or to relax on the big comfy sofa, soon forgetting they were heading for the exit at all. Buddhist refuge is like reminding ourselves of the advice from a dear and wise friend to “just get out of there as quickly as you can!” and reinforcing our commitment.

During this retreat day we will reflect on our deep-rooted addiction to Samsara. We will identify our fantasy strategies, the eight worldly dharmas, and their relationship with the disturbing emotions. We will contemplate the detox and rehab available in the form of practice, teachings and renunciation. We will also face up to the temptations of the VIP lounges in the form of “spiritual materialism”.

The aspiration is that by the end of this day, we will have all been able to go a little deeper into our practice and move a little closer towards genuine renunciation.

Beginners are very welcome. 

About London’s Day Retreats

We have been doing stimulating monthly Day Retreats at the Helios Centre for many years. Since the pandemic, we have been conducting them online, where there have been well attended.

We have a main topic for the day and often invite guest speakers, who give talks and have open discussion groups. We have a number of meditation sessions interspersed with the discussions and breaks for lunch, tea and biscuits. Some meditation sessions will be guided. Beginners are very welcome.


The day retreat will at Helios, and we will also use the “Zoom” platform.

Zoom Meeting:…
Meeting ID: 325 545 986
Password: 025316


10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Donations for this day retreat are voluntary and can be paid into the Bodhicharya London bank account or via Paypal.

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