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Meetings at 6.15 p.m. on Thursdays
We have a new venue: The Helios Centre, 116, Judd Street, Bloomsbury
(near Kings Cross/St Pancras Station)

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The Rigul Trust

fund raising for Ringu Tulku’s projects, currently especially the Earthquake appeal

Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland

Kagyu Samye Dzong in London

Holy Isle

Some Buddhist Groups in Kent

ALOKABODHI Buddhist Group

in Maidstone and mid Kent –

Western Chan Fellowship Group

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Interesting sites …
About neuroscience and practice
Informative site about Tibetan Buddhism (and other forms of Buddhism) in the West, including contentious matters, managed by Gelong Tenzin Peljor, who is the resident monk at Bodhicharya Berlin and has visited us here in Kent since 2013.